Chocolate Muffin Mix (10 KG)


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Chocolate Muffin Mix (10 KG)

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Paper check (10 kg) (enough to make (380-390) mold * 50 gm)
For regular pores
Distinctive taste

How to prepare
1 kg vanilla muffin powder
375 gm of oil with vanilla muffin and 4 kg of oil with chocolate muffin
400 gm eggs
175 gm water
Thermal chocolate drops can be added to the mixture - fruit filling - trio cream
Mix the powder and eggs with the mixer for (4 minutes) on medium speed
Then go down with oil and water
Mix until complete homogeneity
Oven temperature (175 C).
Time in the oven (20-25 minutes).

Chocolate muffin
1 kg vanilla muffin powder
425 grams of oil
325 grams of eggs
175 gm water

1 kg muffin powder
375 grams of butter
400 gm eggs
175 gm water

The sauce
500 gm of milk
500 grams pounds

Milky cream
Caramel sauce

One year from production date (12 months)

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