Classic whipping cream (12 liters)


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Classic whipping cream (12 liters)

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% fat 28
High-fat vegetable texture (with sugar)
Do not add liquids

Maintain texture up to 7 days (on product)
Creamy whiteness and cohesive texture
It does not have any cracks or watery separation
Withstands high temperatures and thermal shocks without causing acidity
It bears fruit without falling
Irresistible taste - the same taste as natural
Getting the perfect volume after whipping (400% very high whisking)
Soft and easy to spread and flatten
Unparalleled price compared to its firmer texture

Icing - decorating western desserts

(3 months) from the date of production
It is valid for 7 days after exposure to air

Storage method
Keep in a cool place, the temperature of which does not exceed (5 C).

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