Chocolate Soft Cream (10KG )


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Chocolate Soft Cream (10KG )

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Easy to prepare (consistent and excellent results)
Very creamy
Used in (Ice Roll)
High temperature resistant texture
Natural and rich taste and flavor (Milky or Natural Cocoa)
Easy to handle and clean the machine
The desired flavor and color can be added with (vanilla).
(Coming soon in Tetra Pak)

How to prepare
Gelato or hard
1 kg ice cream powder
1.5 milk
1.5 water or juice

Soft ice cream
1 kg powder
2 liters of water or 2 liters of milk or mix at a ratio of 1:1
Mix in an external container and then pour into the ice cream machine’s storage container

Soft ice cream - hard - milkshake

One year from production date (12 months)
It is not affected after opening the package, but it must be stored well

Storage method
Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight in a well-ventilated area

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