Cream Cheese (2.5KGs)


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Cream Cheese (2.5KGs)

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Hot and cold use
Distinctive color
Good texture
Used for direct decoration
can be whipped
Withstands high temperatures and does not lose weight
Natural creamy taste and very rich

Hot use
3 kg of cheese
750 grams of coarse sugar
850gm milky whipping cream
1.250 kg of eggs
Withstand temperature up to 130 degrees for an hour

Cold use
Beat the cheese with the types of liquid cream and powder (without eggs)
It can be used in a ratio of 1:1 with whipping cream, trio cream for grafting, or any other product

The properties are stable when inserted into the oven
Used for decoration and filling (cheesecake - red velvet cake - croissant filling)

9 months from the date of production
It is valid for 7 days after exposure to air

Storage method
Store in a cool place, less than 10 degrees

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