Our products in this recipe

500 gm white fudge cake
75  gm of water
150 gm of oil
250 gm of eggs
5 gm coffee powder
100 gm Tiramisu Trio Cream Dr. Baker
100 gm Romantin Trio Cream Dr. Baker
200 gm Tiramisu powder mousse dr. Baker
225 gm of water
200 gm of milk
100 gm cream cheese
50  gm light cocoa


(Coffee Cake) White fudge powder + eggs + coffee powder dissolved in  50gm of water in the paddle press at medium speed for 3 buckets, then  Add oil at a slow speed until completely homogeneous, then put in the oven  is 180°m for 15:18 minute

(Tiramisu mousse) Tiramisu mousse powder + milk +225 gm of water in  the mixer on medium speed for a period of 3 minutes, then add whipping cream , then add cream cheese and shake until completely homogeneous.

Mix Tiramisu Trio Cream for 3 minutes until it doubles in size


 cutting the cake to 20*20 equal pieces, then put the first piece  In the square shape and the individual romantic trio cream with equal pride on  then put the second cake slice, then pour the Tiramisu mousse then  Placed in the refrigerator for a period of 12 hours. After cooling down, we take off  the square box and the Tiramisu Trio cream whipped were placed in a small pastry bag , make small and equal rosettes on top of the cake, then Sprinkle cocoa over the rosettes.