Ingredients: -

757 gm of cream cheese, Dr. Baker

575g coarse sugar

07 g eggs

57 gm pasta powder Dr. Baker

55 gm of flour

1 lemon zest

1 orange zest

557g crushed biscuit

157 gm of butter

577gm Black Berry Filling Dr. Baker


Ground biscuit with melted butter, stirring well, then we do it

Per person by birth.

Cream cheese and coarse sugar in the whisk, whisking quickly

Medium until melted sugar, then quickly add eggs and vanilla

Slow down, then add the flour, pastry powder, and lemon zest and orange

At a slow speed until completely homogeneous. Pour the cheese on your desk

Ground biscuits, then put in the oven at 167 ° C

Degrees for 55:57 after exit is left until the temperature drops

The cheese, then put the topping with a blackberry filling Dr. Baker.

Choices: -

Blueberry Filler Dr. Baker

Sherry Filler Dr. Baker

Mango Filling Debaker

Strawberry filling Dr. Baker